Monday, April 27, 2009

Board of Assessors Endorsement

The three person Board of Assessors is charged with the evaluation of all real estate and personal property in the town of Milton. Current members are Kathleen Heffernan, M. Joseph Manning, and Thomas Gunning. Mr. Gunning is running for reelection against Todd Greenwood.

Unlike many Boards in town, the Board of Assessors has had little infusion of new blood in some time. Mr. Gunning has served in this post for 42 years. While one can only marvel at the length of service and dedication to the town, it is time for someone who comes from a different generation of Milton residents to step into this role and lend their voice to the deliberations. It is true that we would be losing Mr. Gunning’s experience. On the other hand, this is one of the most experienced Boards in town. Mr. Manning has been a board member for over 50 years, first elected in 1957.

Todd Greenwood is an ideal candidate for this board. He’s a 20 year resident of the town. His children attend the public schools and he is involved in a number of social and sports activities. He represents Precinct 7 as a Town Meeting Member. He has a graduate degree in Business Administration and has spent a good part of his career working as a Quantitative Analyst for major corporations. As a demonstration of his commitment to hit the ground running should he be elected, Mr. Greenwood has already completed the Massachusetts Department of Revenue’s course for Assessors.

Todd has had a difficult time engaging his opponent in a discussion of the office for which they are both running. Mr. Gunning chose not to appear at either the Milton League of Women Voters, or Milton Cable debates. This deprived the residents, especially many of the new residents who have only lived in the community for a decade of two and have never seen Mr. Gunning, from weighing the two candidates.

I think we need new energy on the Board of Assessors and I think no candidate should take the voters for granted. Please join me in voting for Todd in tomorrow’s election.

Check out Todd’s website and blog here:

By the way, GET OUT AND VOTE TOMORROW. We have an important Treasurer’s race, in which I hope you’ll support Charlie McCarthy for reasons already stated. In any event, it is your duty to vote.


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