Saturday, November 26, 2005

Vote for the Library!

On Tuesday next we will have the opportunity to once again upgrade and improve an important capital asset of the community at a significant discount to its cost. If passed, the override for the Milton Library will help fund, at fifty cents on the dollar, a project that will make us all proud of our library, and will represent this generation's contribution to a cultural contract begun by Milton residents over 100 years ago. We are in this enviable position because of the hard work of the Library Trustees, Staff, and the Library Building Committee, which secured a $3.7 million grant, and the incredible generosity of hundreds of Milton's residents.

Virtually no one argues that this project isn't necessary. And except for one School Committee member, all the townwide elected officials who have voiced an opinion on the issue support the override.

So please get to the polls on Tuesday and cast your vote in support of this important endeavor.


Blogger Phil McNulty said...

Thank You!
I wish to thank Phil Matthews for his words of support, but I especially want to thank the overwhelming number of Milton voters who came out to support the project. Your belief in the importance and value of libraries showed strongly!

Phil McNulty, Director
Milton Public Library

11:27 AM  

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