Monday, April 23, 2012

Final Endorsements

Library Trustee

There are four candidates for 3 positions on this Board – Barbara Mason, Herb Voigt, Brendan McLaughlin, and Sheryl Fleitman.

Unfortunately we’ve heard little from Sheryl Fleitman. She did not appear at either the COA or MyTownMatters debate and I haven’t seen any literature.

I’ve known Barbara Mason since working with her on the Warrant Committee. She’s a very dedicated public servant who has served on numerous Boards and Committees.

When you enter Herb Voigt’s home you don’t travel very far before you see…books. This is more rare than you might imagine. An intellectually curious academic, brimming with good ideas, Herb Voigt would be an outstanding addition to the Board.

I don’t know Brendan McLaughlin. People who do know him, have spoken highly of him to me. His work on the Warrant Committee speaks to his public service instincts, and his performance in the debates was thoughtful and knowledgeable.

I think we have three good candidates for Board of Library Trustees.


This race features Jim Henderson and Bill Bennett. Mr. Henderson is running for the third time for this office and I support his election. The Assessor’s office is in many ways a stealth office in Milton town government. Most of the members of the board have been around for decades and there seems to be a general complacency to its functions and services. Mr. Henderson is focused on service issues, both with respect to making access to forms easier and promoting the availability of assistance to Milton taxpayers. His background as a tax accountant would be helpful to our senior citizens who I believe need more information on the Circuit Breaker Law when it comes to paying their taxes. Please join me in voting for Jim Henderson.

Get Out and Vote

Tomorrow is Election Day in Milton. This is a very important election. We have five town-wide races for Selectman, Town Clerk, Planning Board, Library Trustee, and Assessor. And we have a once a decade opportunity to elect all 279 members of Town Meeting. The outcome will greatly affect town politics for the next few years. I hope you'll support Denis Keohane, Mike Joyce, Herb Voigt, Cheryl Tougias, and Jim Henderson. And I hope Precinct 3 voters will give two of your votes for Town Meeting to me and my wife Nancy . Thank you.


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