Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Comparable Library Expenditures

Library Expenditures – Comparable Communities

This data comes from the Massachusetts Bureau of Library Commissioners. It is for 2013. Total expenditures include both appropriated municipal income and income from other sources.  Ranking is by total expenditures, with per capita expenditures presented as well.


Town------------------------------------Total Expenditures------------Per Capita



Westford---------------------------------$1,552,182---------------------- 70.71





Scituate----------------------------------$ 986,376---------------------------54.46

Westborough---------------------------$ 961,869---------------------------52.64

Sharon------------------------------------$ 927,826---------------------------52.68

North Andover--------------------------$ 859,981---------------------------30.33

Walpole-----------------------------------$ 785,390---------------------------32.63

Holliston----------------------------------$ 467,064---------------------------34.48


Blogger Herb Voigt said...

Philip, thanks for bringing these data forward. The data on Milton's Library per capital expenditures are an annual topic of concern by the Milton Library Trustees. In recent years, we have been pursuing a strategy of convincing Miltonian leadership (Selectmen, Warrant Committee, and Town Meeting Members) that it is our town's responsibility to provide at least the minimum amount of funding for acquiring library materials annually that will ensure that we meet minimum state requirements to insure continued state certification and state funding. This strategy has largely been successful, but it just argues for minimum funding from our citizens. This, however, is extremely important! We do not want to lose our state certification - that will have profound effects on our community. We will lose our access to the vast network of resources provided by the Old Colony Network, from which we both benefit and support. Significant funds provided annually by the Milton Library Foundation and the Friends of the Milton Public Library are then available to provide enhanced programming activities at the Library. It is not the purpose of the Milton Library Foundation or the Friends of the Library to provide money for the Library's operating expenses. Their funds are to enhance the budget.

The Milton Public Library is in the middle of creating its next 5-year plan though a strategic planning process being coordinated by our Library Director, Will Adamczyk. It would be interesting to share these data you have and get the reaction of the people in the focus groups being asked about our library.

9:12 PM  
Blogger Doug Scibeck said...

The total expenditure, $1,200,109, at first glance does seem like a lot of money. When looking at all our Public Library does, and the minimum expenditures it must make to receive certification and thus state funding, this amount barely covers what is needed. Compared to towns like Hingham, with only 58% of that town being card holders yet with a per capita expenditure of 75.84, Milton has 61% of the town having library cards but only per capita expenditures of 44.44. Mr. Mathews' data support the argument that the town needs to devote more resources to the library. Thanks for compiling this information. And thanks to the library trustees and Will Adamczyk, the Library Director, for using the available resources to keep the library providing excellent service. The next 5-year plan will be crucial to maintaining and improving our library's great work.

11:13 AM  

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