Monday, April 27, 2015

Library Trustee Endorsements

With four excellent candidates running for three seats, these are the most difficult endorsements to make.

Herb Voigt, a one term incumbent is seeking a second term. Andrea Gordon, a former trustee of many years, seeks to return to the Board.  Doug Scibeck is a Freelance Writer and Financial Analyst. And Paul Hays is a one-time teacher and Principal in the Boston Public Schools who now oversees three Public High Schools as chief academic officer.

Herb Voigt is a highly recognized Biomedical Engineer who last summer was named a Fulbright Scholar. In his first term on the Library Board he played a key role in addressing the Library’s parking and traffic problems, resulting in the addition of parking spots on Canton Avenue and a reversal of the traffic pattern into and out of the parking lot that improved traffic safety. He worked with Friends of the Milton Library to expand the highly popular museum pass program. And he has helped to build stronger ties with the Milton Public Schools.

Altogether a productive first term and I hope you’ll join me in supporting Herb for a second term.

Andrea Gordon already occupies a place of prominence in the recent history of the Milton Public Library. She served for 18 years from 1994 to 2012. During that time she played a vital role over many years in bringing to fruition the expanded Library we now enjoy. Key to this was her participation in negotiating the land swap deal that made possible an expanded parking lot – crucial to the full success of a new Library.  She also is a founder of the Milton Library Foundation, a source of much needed funding over and above what the Town provides.

As a professional librarian, with so much experience and history with our library, I commend Andrea Gordon to you for one of your three votes tomorrow.

The third choice was very difficult. Both Paul Hays and Doug Scibeck are well educated (Hays has a Ph.D and Scibeck two Masters Degrees). They are successful in their fields and seem to have a genuine interest in the Library as an important civic institution. I’ve chosen to support Doug Scibeck because I think it would be good to have someone who earns their keep as a writer sit on the Library Board. If Paul Hays does not earn a spot on the Board this year, I hope he’ll try again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil, I could not agree more with your endorsements. Curious, will you be doing a Park Commissioner endorsement sometime before the Election?

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