Wednesday, September 07, 2016

An Advocate for Milton

Tomorrow is Primary Election Day.

For the first time in 18 years Milton will have a new representative in the Massachusetts House. The opportunity created a large field of candidates – five from Milton and two from Randolph.

Despite the large number of candidates, I think one candidate stands apart from the others – based on his experience, accomplishments and the key issues he’s chosen to focus on. And that candidate is Mike Zullas.


·         Mike is the only Milton candidate who has spent most of the past decade working for Town Government

·         He is the only Milton candidate to be elected and serve in a town-wide position

·         He is the only Milton candidate to serve a three year term on the Warrant Committee

So Mike understands what the key issues are for Milton, both from listening to voters going door to door in two campaigns now, and in serving in both elected and appointed office; he knows how our children are being educated and what the State could do to help communities in this very important task; and he understands municipal finance, specifically Milton finance.


·         On the School Committee he worked with other members to provide funds for “Advancement Budgets” to target the closing of achievement gaps, improve Early Childhood Literacy and raise student outcomes in STEM. The investments have shown progress.

·         As Chairman of the School Committee he lead negotiations with the Milton Teachers Union. The result was a win/win, with the Town agreeing to not change the Health Plans and the Teachers agreeing to pay a larger share of their premiums. This compromise was taken to the Selectmen who proposed it to the Town’s non-School unions and it was accepted. The savings to Milton will be over $250,000 in annual health insurance costs beginning in year three.

·         As Chairmen of the Town/Schools Consolidation Committee Mike lead the committee to three important recommendations (1) The Town should institute a paperless payroll system, and convert to a bi-weekly pay period. This creates modest savings in dollars, and significantly increases the efficiency of all the employees involved in this process.  The Town has implemented this.  (2) The committee recommended that the Town purchase new financial software to permit electronic Purchasing Orders and superior functionality in areas of Budgeting and financial forecasting. The Town agreed and the first half has been purchased. (3) The committee recommended the creation of a Chief Procurement Officer to ensure the town was getting the best pricing on millions of dollars of purchases, and to ensure compliance with State purchasing laws.

·         As both a member of the Warrant Committee and the School Committee, Mike played an important role in preserving crucial services throughout the town for the last seven years without the need for an override.

Key Issues

·         Mike was raised in Brockton and attended their public schools. He went to a fine Liberal Arts college and then to Law School. He believes that Education remains the great leveler when it comes to providing all children equal opportunity. He will focus on educational issues like Early Childhood Literacy and funding for Chapter 70, as well as more equity in the Chapter 70 formula which today penalizes communities like Randolph

·         Mike’s father was a Police Officer, and later a Detective for the Massachusetts State Police.  He understands that without adequate Public Safety, it is very difficult for a community to accomplish all its other goals.

I suppose there are many reasons people can use to select a candidate. But if you think experience, competence, proven ability and a focus on the right issues are important, than Mike Zullas is the best advocate for Milton


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had the pleasure of knowing the Zullas family since they first moved to Milton. They lived next door to my parents and were kind and lovely neighbors. Mike was interested in serving the community and joined the Warrant Committee. After serving a three year term, he decided to run for the Milton School Committee.During his successful campaign, he established three goals and then set about accomplishing those goals. Mike has proven to be a very effective advocate and I know he will bring his remarkable skill set to the State House. Please vote for Mike Zullas tomorrow for State Representative. The children in his neighborhood saw all of his signs and asked if Mr. Zullas was running for President. We can only hope! Betty White

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